Balfour & Houldsworth

2022 Seniors Balfour Cup

Martin Reddy and Brian Moroney

winners of the 2022 Seniors Balfour Cup

Northenden Golf Club – 10th August

(Brian Moroney had to leave after their round)

Northenden Golf Club had previously hosted the Balfour Seniors Cup in 2017. Once again, the flat tree-lined fairways proved very popular with 186 seniors who were able to secure places in the competition. The shade provided by the trees was very welcome to many, as the temperature hovered around 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 Fahrenheit in seniors speak) for most of the day, and it was still 29 degrees at 8.00 pm. Umbrellas were in use on many trollies!

The fact that the weather was hot and the greens were fast will live in the memories of many, as a feature of a great day at Northenden. 

The first tee slot of the day had been secured by the Bury pair of Kevin Speight & Ian Marsh and once again they came back with a challenging score of 45 points. In the first 3 hours, 19 pairs scored 40 points or more, but it was not until 11.00 am with the temperature rising that Brian Chell and Joseph Mann of Davyhulme Park came in with 46 points. Many thought that score would remain unbeaten in the heat, but it was only 40 minutes later that Martin Reddy of Elland GC and Brian Moroney of Outlane GC handed in a score of 47 points. That remained the hottest score for the rest of the day. 

The final hot seat on the podium went to David Bielby and Peter McManus of Chorlton GC with 45 points, losing on a CPO to the pair from Bury, but edging out Bernard Scott & Robert Vickers of Northenden GC and John Kilburn & David Longfield of Walmersely GC.

Martin and Brian were part of the contingent of 24 Yorkshire Golfers who have been taking part in the Seniors Balfour for the past 3 years. For those with a geographical interest concerning the rule re 25 mile distance being require from Manchester Town Hall, the Yorkshire Clubs of Elland, Bradley Hall and Outland, are nearer than Grange Park St Helens, which is 22.5 distant.

So for the first time in 125 years, as far as we know, a Balfour and Houldsworth Cup has been won by players from "across the border"!

Despite the heat and the speed of the greens, players between them returned 8 5 Birdies and 2 Eagles, and in total 40 pairs scored 40 point or better in the competition.

On behalf of the B&H Competitions Committee, John Farmer expressed his thanks to Northenden Golf Club for hosting the competition, for the excellent state of the course and the services provided to players in the Clubhouse. He noted that the catering staff had been there since 7.30 am, and although due to finish at 7.00 pm had stayed on to serve meals to those who did not finish playing until nearer 8.00 pm and then kept the bar open for the Presentation.

B&H President Keith Dingley presented a cheque to the Northenden Captain Tom Smith in appreciation of the club hosting the competition. Mr Captain thanked the B&H Committee for the excellent and most efficient way that the competition had been organised and run and thanked all those who had taken part in what turned out to be an excellent day of friendly and competitive golf.

A total of £1,050 in Prize Vouchers were awarded to pairs to share and spend in the Pro’s shop:

First - £400: Second - £300: Third - £200: Fourth - £150.

Martin Reddy receives the Seniors Balfour Cup

from B&H Captain John Farmer & B&H President Keith Dingley

winning score of 47 poits




Third place winners were Kevin Speight and Ian Marsh of Bury Golf Club

with 45 points (CPO)


4th Place winners were David Bielby and Peter McMancus of Chorlton cum Hardy



Northenden Captain Tom Smith closed the Presentation, thanking all those

who had taken part and those who had made possible a great and enjoyable day's golf.

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The 2023 Seniors Balfour will be played at Worsley Golf Club on 10th August 2023.

The Tee-sheet is now open for those who would like to secure their preferred times.  

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