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Balfour Cup 2024

Balfour Cup at Disley Golf club 2024

Captain Matt Hill        Andrew Timmins      President John Potter

2024 Balfour Cup winner

Andrew Timmins (4) 71
Disley Golf Club

Played at Disley golf club sunday 9th june 2024.


The Balfour & Houldsworth Chairman, John Farmer, collected the newly printed start sheets and score cards at 6.30 am, wearing his shorts and a tee-shirt. However, by the time he took up his role as Mr Starter for the 2024 Balfour Cup at Disley, he had donned long trousers, several more layers and waterproofs.

The early morning starters had to battle with strong winds and heavy rain on an unusually cold day in June. Simon Berry (8.3) of Stand GC was first on the tee and despite the weather conditions returned a 75 nett. That was the leading score for the first hour until Thai Tran (14.0) also of Stand GC came in one point better with a 74.

We did not have to wait long for Disley member, Andrew Timmins (3.7) to set the standard for the day with 75 gross, 71 nett. Over the next hour or so we had a batch of high scores and no-returns, until another Disley member Steve Kewley (3.4) also returned a 75 gross with a 72 nett.

These proved to be the best two Gross Scores of the day with Andrew Timmins, a Disley member for 25 years having started as 6 year old Junior, taking the best nett with a 71, and being presented with the prestigious Balfour Cup. His fellow Disley member’s 75 gross, secured Steve Kewley the prize for best Gross Score.

Second and third places also went to Disley players, who just missed out on a card play-off, Peter Hodge (6) and Stuart Haslam (13), both having returned 71 nett. The fourth place was taken by another Disley players Andrew Axcell (14) with a 73 nett. The only player to break the Disley stranglehold on the prizes was Jamil Akhtar (14) of Denton GC also on a 73 nett.

“It was tough out there” was a regular comment from players as they retuned their cards. Only 35 of the 113 players managed to break 80, but 62 Birdies were recorded across 14 of the holes and Disley member, Peter Hodge (6) managed an Eagle on the 528-yard par 5 third hole.

In his closing remarks B&H Chairman, John Farmer, thanked the Green-staff for the work which they had done on the course to ensure that this competition could take place. He also thanked the Catering Staff for the excellent service provided to players during the course of the day, and the officers and members of Disley Golf Club for their support.

This is the fifth occasion on which Disley Golf Club has hosted the Balfour Cup, and in 2025 Disley Golf Club will be hosting the Houldsworth Cup for the fifth time.

The tee sheet for the 2025 Balfour Cup  at bramall park is now open 


Balfour Chairman John Farmer   

welcomed players to the Presentation of the Balfour Cup 


Andrew Timmins (4)  -  1st place with a nett 71 (CPO)


Peter Hodge (6)  -  2nd place with a nett 71 (CPO)


Stuart Haslam (13)    3rd  place with a nett 71 (CPO)


ANDREW AXELL (14)     4TH  PLACE WITH A NETT 73       


Steve Kewley (3)                   Best Gross  75



Nett Results & Prize Vouchers

1st  Andrew Timmins (4)           71   £250
2nd  Peter Hodge (6)                   71   £150
3rd  Stuart Haslam (13)              71   £100
4th   Andrew Axcell (14)              73    £ 75
 5th  Jamile Akhtar (14)               73    £ 50


Balfour & Houldsworth Treasurer Steve Misell presents a cheque to

Disley President John Potter as a donation for the use of the course.



The 2025 Balfour Cup will be held at bramall park Golf Club on 9th june 

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