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Welcome to the Balfour and Houldsworth 

online signup page for our future Competitions. 

With the exception of the G.S.Lancashire Cup, those playing  in the competitions, must be members of a golf club within 25 miles of Manchester Town Hall - as the crow flies (up to 2 miles extra is now allowed for variations in postcode accuracy).

Click here to view a map showing 175+ club in the B&H qualifying area .

For all competitions , you will need to register using CDH and pre-pay. This guarantees your tee time and leaves us with contact details in case of any problems. You will be asked to make your payment to the B&H Paypal account. You do not need to have a Paypal account . You can book by entering your Credit or Debit Card details. Once you have entered your details you must pay within the hour or your tee time reservation is automatically deleted. 

G S Lancashire 2021 Sunday 11th July (19 days)
Seniors Balfour Cup 2021 Thursday 12th August (51 days)
Balfour Cup 2022 Sunday 8th May 2022 (320 days)
Houldsworth Cup 2022 Sunday 12th June 2022 (355 days)
GS Lancashire 2022 Sunday 3rd July 2022 (376 days)
Seniors Balfour Cup 2022 Thursday 11th August 2022 (415 days)

If you have a problem booking online you can email CDH numbers and preferred times to - Leave a phone number and he will ring you back to take payment by credit or debit card. 

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GS Lancashire Cup 2021 

Balfour Seniors Cu2021

Leigh Golf Club 11th July

Denton Golf Club 12th August

   1897  125th    

Anniversary Year 2022




Balfour Cup 2022 - Sign on

Houldsworth Cup 2022 - Sign on soon


Worsley Golf Club 8th May

Houldsworth Golf Club 12th June


G S Lancashire 2022

Balfour Seniors Cup 2022

Rochdale Golf Club 3rd July

Northenden Golf Club 12th August  


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