Balfour & Houldsworth

2024 Houldsworth Cup


B&H Chairman  John Farmer  AND PAT JACKSON


Iain Reece & simon pointon

AT Worsley Golf Club

Winners with 43 points.

Played at Leigh Golf Club 12th May 2024.


It was still a bit chilly when the first players teed-off for the 2024 Houldsworth Cup at Leigh Golf Club. This was the first time that Leigh GC had hosted the Houldsworth Cup. It was the second time in recent years that the Houldsworth had been held in May rather than June. The format of the competition had been changed in 2023 to a Better Ball Stableford 

The early pace was set by Ky Tu and Chris Jones of Stand Golf club, who teed off at 8.30 am and returned with 41points. We were advised by local members that was going to be a good score to beat since that has been the winning score of the club competition on the previous day. However, just 20 minutes later, David O'Brien and Paddy O'Reilly of Blackley Golf Club came in with 42 points. No challenging scores appeared until early in the afternoon, when Phillip Jolly and Peter Grimshaw of Worsley Golf Club also returned with 41 points. Their 4-ball partners Michael Lawton and Michael Crompton of Prestwich, were suitably inspired and returned with 40 points.

Later in the afternoon, presumably encouraged by the sunshine, a batch of  4 x 40 and 2 x 41 points started to appear on the score board. But then, as often happens, the antepenultimate score of 43 points, returned  by Iain Reece and Simon Pointon of Worsley Golf Club, proved to be the best of the day.

At the Presentation the B&H Chairman, John Farmer, thanked the Leigh Captain Chris Harrison and the Club Manager Derek Vaughan for all that they had done to promote the Houldsworth competition and the welcome which had been given to players on the day. The course had been in excellent condition and the facilities available in the club house for receiving players and then recording the scores were second to none. John went on to thank the B&H committee members for all the work undertaken in the organisation and running of the day’s competition.

Nick Wyatt, echoed the words of the Chairman, and once again thanked the Leigh Captain Chris Harrison for the hospitality shown to both Committee members and players by all the LGC staff. He presented the Captain with a cheque made payable to Leigh Golf Club and thanked the club for hosting the 2024 Houldsworth Cup.                                                   

                     A total of £750 in Pro shop vouchers was awarded to the winners 

1st     £400  

 2nd   £350  

 3rd    £200  

4th     £100

 1st   IAin REECE & SIMON POINTON -  WORSLEY GOLF CLUB                       43 points

 2nd  David O'brien & Paddy O'Reilly  - Blackley Golf Club                  42  Points
3rd phillip Jolly & Peter Grimshaw -  Worsley Golf Club                    41 points
4th  Derek Vaughan  & James ainscough - Leigh Golf Club                  41 POINTS

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                     1ST  SIMON POINTON & Iain Reece -   WORSLEY GOLF CLUB                        




the 2025 Houldsworth cup will be held at

Disley Golf Club - 12th May

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Disley Golf Club

Some challenging holes and fantastic views

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